Cactus ALT Tool Kit

A collection of various things I made while doing JET. Everything comes as is, let me know if you find it useful.


Term Schedule and Nenkyu Calculator

An simple excel Template to plan your term with built in Nenkyu and Byokyu counters. Simply input starting Nenkyu and Byoku and it will carry and count the rest.

Weekly Lesson Log and Planner

A print out at the start of the week template to log classes you visit. Has a space to mark that days class schedule, an area for a brief lesson plan/overview, and a small area to write any notes that might be relevant (like printouts). They don't take up much room so it's easy to keep a track of what happened in previous weeks.


Hi Friends 1 & 2 Lesson Plans.

All of the lesson plans for Hi Friends 1 & 2 books (for Grade 5 and 6 at the time of writing). 

Also included a handful of lesson plans for Grade 1 to 4.

Lesson Plan Template

A simple and minimal template for lesson planning.

Typhoon Game

A team game I used to review content. Good to use to either review past content or as a way to quiz and check reading comprehension at higher levels. 

Simple Instructions:

  1. Split Class into groups ( you'll need to pick students who raise their hand first so what ever number you can manage).
  2. 1 student from each group stands up.
  3. Ask a question, if the student gets the answer correct they can pick a square in the grid using A1 please, B2 please etc.
  4. Draw in the amount equivalent in points on that teams island (a diagram is attached).
  5. You can add things like Ts (Typhoons) and Bs (Bonus) into your grid. Typhoon would erase that teams island and Bonus will give 10 points. A variant can be a team can choose which island gets hit by Typhoon but with younger students it might not be recommended. The possibilities are endless! (Item shops to trade points for items to put on island like a typhoon shield?, Super Typhoons that erase everyone's island?)
  6. Next student in each group stands up, repeat above.

I'm including an excel Template that will randomly fill each square with a value from 1 - 5. You'll need to manually enter which blocks are special and have things like Typhoons or Bonuses. Also included is a basic drawing example that I used for island drawing. I ended up changing mine up towards the end to have the person become a king and the island turning into an octopus. Have fun with yours!